Movavi Video Suite: Pricing, Discount and Review

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In this article, I will talk about Movavi Video Suite, its prices and give a review based on my personal experience, so that you can decide if it is the video editing software for you.

I also managed to get a high discount in case you decide to purchase this program.

Movavi Video Suite is an all-in-1 video maker that combines 3 of the most popular Movavi’s video software apps, such as Movavi Video Editor Plus, Screen Recorder, and Video Converter.

Therefore, if you only need one of these functions, you know that even if you only purchase one of them, they have the same functions and this review will apply to them individually.

Movavi Video Suite Price

Movavi Video Suite Pricing

Movavi has one of the most affordable prices and a fairly decent variety of tools.

In short, Movavi costs $79.95 USD for the 1-year subscription license, $99.95 for the Personal Lifetime License, and $199.95 for the Business License; all of them with discount options on this page.

Movavi plans and pricing list

A personal Movavi license allows you to edit non-commercial videos (such as for your school, family events, or for your YouTube channel as long as it is not a company).

A business license allows you to make videos for commercials, institutional company videos, or sell your finished video.

Movavi Video Suite PlanPricePage
Movavi Video Suite 1-year subscription$79.95 USDSee discount here
Movavi Video Suite Personal lifetime plan$99.95 USDSee discount here
Movavi Video Suite Business lifetime plan$199.95See discount here


The lifetime licenses include only updates within that version, for example, if you have Movavi Video Suite 21, you will get the 21.01, 21.02, etc. versions for free and you will have access to them for life, but if you want the 22 version you will need a new license.

Subscription licenses include all updates, even for new versions, such as upgrading from the 21 version to the 22 version.

Starting out

When we open Movavi Video Suite, the first thing that will show in the screen is the following window:

From here, you will choose one of the functions you want to start, you can either pick just one or several at the same time.

Only the first three will be available to you unless you purchase the other functions individually or if you had gotten a bundle that includes them, such as the lifetime personal plan, which adds PicVerse, which is a photo editor.

Learning curve


Starting with the Video Editor, which is the most important aspect, this software is designed for those who are starting in video editing, its interface is easy to figure out, as we can see in the following image:

On the left, you have the main tools, which are the media, filters, transitions, titles, stickers, and other tools.

Videos and images can be transferred to the timeline by simply dragging them and you can separate the audio from the video to edit them individually.

You can add up to 100 layers to the timeline.

The Screen recording is powerful and has a great variety of features, but it is pretty straightforward:

You may choose the frame rate, effects for keystrokes, schedule recording, add keyboard shortcuts, set a video quality etc.

The Video Converter is another piece of software included in Movavi Video Suite, it includes pretty much the tools you expect to find but not all the tools you would look for.

For example, it lacks a Youtube or Vimeo downloader, which is something that many people search for nowadays or a DVD burner.


The fact that it does not show the audio levels makes it a bit more difficult to know if we have the right decibels, perhaps I sound a little picky, but when you have to work with a lot of audio this can be a problem.

Lagging and speed.


Something that surprises me a lot about Movavi is that despite being a software with many tools and effects, it is also very light.

I have handled video editors with similar amounts of effects but they are not supported by low-end equipment, but I have used Movavi on a 1.6 GHz PC without lagging even once, which is impressive.

In its technical requirements, it says that it requires a minimum of 1.5 GHz, I have not used it on a PC of those, but I don’t have any doubt it would also respond correctly.


Sometimes I feel that in the 4k edit the rendering does not have such a smooth result when you add a lot of effects.

Effects and Tools

Although Movavi is promoted as a basic editor for beginners, the truth is that it has some tools that you only find in professional programs, of course, in a simpler version.

For example, it includes animation through Keyframes, which you can use to move an element by choosing the start and end frame of the animation.

I recently did a Movavi tutorial where I use keyframes to make a mask transition effect:

Movavi also includes other popular tools, such as green screen, pan and zoom (also using keyframes), pic on pic, scene detection, stickers, audio controls, LUTS support etc.

Chroma Key

Movavi Video Suite includes Chroma Key, for which, you only need to place the clip that you will key out above, click on “more tools” and pick “Chroma Key” using the dropper to choose the color you will key out.

You can modify the tolerance, noise, edges, and de opacity of the Chroma Key effect.

Keyframe animation

You can use the animation effect to add keyframes and trace the path an object is going to take. You only need to click on the “tools” button and then on “Animation”, choose the “Advanced” option to start the animation and add as many keyframes as you need.


Movavi Video Suite includes a masking tool, although I have to say that it is too limited if you ask me. You can choose either a black shape or a blurr and track the motion of an object (such as a face) and mask it out.

Color grading

You can also color grade your footage, either using LUTS or its advanced tools, which I would say could be improved, but for a quick job they are useful.

Audio controls

Movavi Video Suite offers a pretty sweet variety of audio controls, such as synchronization between two videos, an equalizer, noise removal, and some effects, such as an echo, high pitch, low pitch, robot, etc.


In the most current version they included LUTS, however, despite the good things, I feel that its color grading is way too basic.

Is Movavi for you?

Movavi Video Suite is a great editor, but it is not suitable for all needs, in this review I gave you the highlights so you know what product you are considering purchasing.

It’s not for you if you’re looking to make complex short films or music videos, I think there are some options that give you a bit more control.

I see Movavi as a perfect editor for you if you are going to be a Youtuber.

You may check the prices for the entire movie store at the following link: