LifterLMS Universe Bundle: Get it with a discount

LifterLMS universe bundle discount

On this page, I show you discounts to get the LifterLMS Universe Bundle plan, which is the most popular, so you can purchase it more economically.

LifterLMS is a plugin for adding online course platforms that I really like because it has so many functions, a very user-friendly interface, and a powerful system that even protects courses and shows them only to registered users.

The Universe Bundle plan of LifterLMS, unlike the Earth Bundle, offers you the following:

LifterLMS ToolUniverse BundleInfinity BundleEarth Bundle
Active Sites5Unlimited1
Unlimited Support2 usersAll1 user
Add-ons4 E-commerce Add-ons8 Advanced + 4 E-commerce Add-onsOnly for Stripe, Paypal and Woocommerce
E-mail Marketing & CRM Add onsYesYesNo
Forms Integrations Add-onsYesYesNo
Weekly MastermindNoYesNo
15% Discount codeLIFTERLOVESTEACHERSiliketosave——-

And its difference with the most expensive version, which is the Infinity Bundle, is that the latter allows unlimited active sites, has 8 advanced add-ons, and a weekly mastermind.

How do I use LifterLMS Universe Bundle discounts?

To apply the LifterLMS coupons, you only need to do the following:

  • Enter the code. Then, enter the discount code in the section that says “Click here to enter your code.”
LifterLMS pricing and discount
  • Verify that the code has been activated. Once we have entered the code, the discount will appear automatically as follows:
Applied Discount

In the following video, I show you how to activate the coupon for LifterLMS.

Is there an alternative to LifterLMS?

If even with the discount code, you consider LifterLMS to be too expensive, I recommend purchasing Learndash, which is much cheaper and although not as powerful, it is still one of the best LMS.

A free alternative is Learnpress, although much more limited.

Pros and Cons of LifterLMS Coupons Pros:


  • You get this plugin with a discount, which is a good advantage.
  • Although it is not a cheap plugin, it offers a good return on your investment if your website is professional.


  • LifterLMS does not usually offer very attractive coupons.
  • There are very few occasions where I see discounts greater than 5% or 10% off for the first year.