Coupon Codes for Filmora 13 | May 2024

Filmora 13 discount code

On this page, I have gathered all the discount coupons for Filmora 13 (previously Filmora 12) that I have found so that you can purchase it more economically.

If you are still not sure about buying Filmora, check out my review and tutorials to see if it is right for you 🙂

List of Active Coupons for Filmora

DiscountPlanHow to activateLinkExpires
Up to 42%Filmora 13 plans and bundles from this list.Choose one of the bundles and plans from the list that have a promo or discount.Get DiscountMay 31/24
Up to 50%Filmora 13 for students and teachers.If you have an institutional e-mail, check the plans and choose the one you prefer.
*You need to open a Student Beans account first.
Get DiscountMay 25/24
20%Wondershare Filmora 13 perpetual plan (Windows).Once you click on the link, the discount is applied automatically at checkout by Filmora’s payment processor.Get DiscountMay 24/24
20%Wondershare Filmora 13 perpetual plan (Mac).Once you click on the link, the discount is applied automatically at checkout by Filmora’s payment processor.Get DiscountMay 24/24

Tips for saving money when using the Filmora coupons

I recommend choosing the Filmora plan and the discount according to the following tips:

  • Although Wondershare is the developer, you may purchase Filmora from 2 official sellers; Wondershare itself and 2checkout (Discount for Windows here and for Mac here), Wondershare’s official payment processor. You will find both options in this Article.
  • It does not matter if you see that the license is in a language other than English, the same license works for all languages, which you can change in the same software.
  • The perpetual license gives you lifetime access to the Filmora version you purchase and its updates (example: Filmora 13.4 13.5.1, etc.) but not to the new versions (example: Filmora 14), on the other hand, the annual plan does give access to all upgrades while your license is active, keep that in mind.
  • If you see the checkout in a different currency than yours, do not change it, do the conversion with a calculator in some cases, the currency affects the final price.

When the discount is offered by 2Checkout you will be taken to the purchase page and once completed you will be sent a confirmation e-mail as you can see in the image bellow:


When the discount is offered through the official website, just choose the plan you need and type the coupon at checkout, just as I show you in the following video.

Pros and cons of Fimora’s discount coupons

Getting discounts for any product is great and all, but posting these coupons has made me realize that there are downsides as well, and what I care about is giving useful information:


  1. You will get Filmora at a cheaper cost.
  2. Filmora is a great video editor if you are a YouTuber or a beginner, so, I think it is worth its price.


  1. Sadly, Filmora does not offer very attractive coupons or deals very often, it is rare when I see a discount above 20%.
  2. Filmora does not offer discount coupons for its business plans, which is a shame because its prices are kind of expensive.
  3. There are some restrictions: The coupons will not work when the price already has a discount or it includes another promotion.

I have been using Filmora for a long time; it is the video editor that I use by default for my videos due to its versatility and user-friendly interface.

However, Filmora may not be suitable for every kind of project, so, before making a decision, read my Filmora review here.


Filmora is one of my favorite programs, I use it almost by default in many of my videos, so I have been creating some tutorials to create special effects with Filmora that will help you improve your content.

In the future, I will add more, only that for work reasons I have not been able to do it, for now, I leave you these two that may give you ideas for other effects.


¿How do I activate the Filmora coupons?

1.- For those that need a code, just click on the link, and enter the code in the box.

2.- For those that do not need a code, just click on the link and it will be applied automatically.

Why is the coupon not working?

Sometimes, the coupon may only work on one version of Filmora’s website (for example, the Italian version).

Try opening the link using an incognito window and make your purchase there.

Does Filmora offer a free trial for testing?

Wondershare offers free trials for Filmora X and FilmoraPro on their website that include a watermark so that you can test the functionality of the software.

You may download the free versions here.

What is Filmora's refund policy?

Yes, 30-day money-back guarantee but under certain circumstances. You have to take into account that they have a trial version with all the features, therefore, they will only make refunds for reasonable disputes

What is the difference between Filmora and Filmorapro?

Filmora X is a video editing software for beginners that includes advanced features in a simplified version, such as keyframing, masking, beat detection, motion tracking, and more, while FilmoraPro is a software designed for enthusiasts with more professional tools.

Filmora X is easier and gets the job done quickly but lacks some advanced features if you are making complex videos, such as short films.

FilmoraPro has more professional features, but its interface is not as friendly. I think that editing a simple video will take you longer with FilmoraPro than with Filmora X

What payment options are available?

You may pay with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal, and in some countries, they will give you personalized options.

What is Wondershare and how to contact them?

Wondershare is the enterprise behind Filmora, among other user-friendly software, with its headquarters in Hong Kong, you may contact them by live chat, e-mail, or phone:

Live chat: Contact page

Website support: Support page

Phone: +1 (442) 245-3674

I think Filmora is too expensive, even with coupons, is there an alternative?

There are other video editors similar to Filmora, one of them is this one, which in my opinion, although a little is more limited, is cheaper.

What to consider before buying Filmora with a coupon code

1.- Before purchasing, make sure that Filmora is the best option for you. Consider the pros, cons, and your budget (read my full review here), just because there is a discount, it does not mean you have to buy.

2.- Be strategic, some options without a code can be cheaper than one with a code, for example, Filmora has versions of its page in many languages that feature a more affordable price, such that, a 15% discount for that version can be cheaper than a 25% with the English version (even though they work on both).

How often does Filmora release discount codes or coupons?

For the general public, Filmora does not release discounts very often, they usually offer discounts on special dates, like Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, or maybe one or two every year.

For Students, they have permanent discounts that change in percentage every now and then.

How long Filmora coupons are valid for?

They are valid only for the first purchase, but sometimes they offer a renewal discount.

What is the best way to find Filmora discount coupons?

  • Run a quick search for discount coupons.
  • Check as many websites as you can and save the links that took you directly to a discount page or checkout page where you can type the code.
  • Avoid those that say things like: “get code” and do not show it to you right away, there is no reason not to show it unless the discount is already applied.

When will Filmora 14 be released

Filmora 14 will be released between October and Dicember of 2024