Filmora 13: Pricing, Discounts, and Review

Have you ever struggled with editing videos due to the complexity of the software? Filmora 13 (previously Filmora 12) could be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this article, I’ll share my personal experience with this video editing tool, including its pros and cons, as well as pricing, discounts, and licensing details.

Wondershare Filmora (whose latest version is Filmora 13, and which you can download here) is a video editing software designed to achieve fast and professional editing without having to spend a lot of time on complex tools, as it offers a user-friendly interface and professional effects but in a simplified version that allows you to optimize your workflow.

I purchased Filmora when version 8 was still available, which at that time, seemed to be a fairly decent editor, but it has evolved a lot, adding new features and improvements which I will tell you about.

Before you continue reading, If you are looking for an industry-level video editor to do work for big companies (like Netflix), you will create complex short films, or videos full of VFX, Filmora is not for you.

For that, I suggest you go with Adobe Premiere Pro or Da Vinci Resolve, which are more suitable for your needs.

Filmora 13 pricing

Filmora 13 pricing

In short, the Filmora personal perpetual plan has a one-time cost of $79.99 USD, the quartely plan costs $29.99 USD, while the annual plan costs $49.99 USD, and the business license has a yearly fee of $155.88 USD. Every plan includes all of Filmora’s features, free tech support, and updates within the purchased version.

Here are also some discounts available here, where I gather some coupons that may be useful.

You can buy Filmora from two different sellers:

All sellers allow payment by credit card, debit card, and other means available for your country.

Something weird I noticed about Filmora is that their English version price differs from their prices in other languages, but all of them will work for your English version anyway.

When I bought Filmora I actually purchased the Spanish version because it is cheaper (as you can see its pricing here), and use it in my English version.

It does not matter what Filmora plan you choose; it comes with all its features, including the screen recorder, but there are two things you have to take into account.

Here’s a detailed description of Filmora prices:

Individual plans

Filmora offers plans for Individuals. These are the cheaper ones and come with all of Filmora’s features, but the main difference is in what the license allows you to do in terms of purpose.

Individual plans will suit you if you don’t make videos for a brand or business entity, for example, your Youtube channel, your wedding, family event, etc.

If for some reason you need to make a commercial video or a video for a brand, or one that will include paid product placements, then you need to add a description indicating that the video was made with Filmora.

Individual PlanFeaturesPricePage
Filmora Online1.- Basic features through templates
2.- No watermark
FreeSee Here
Filmora free version1.-No limited time.
2.- It has a watermark.
FreeSee Here
Filmora Perpetual Plan (Personal)1.- Filmora perpetual plan is a one-payment perpetual license.
2.- Free updates for that version of Filmora
3.- Free tech support.
4.- 2000 AI Credits
$79.99 USD
See Discount for Windows
See Discount for Mac
Filmora 13 Cross-Platform Plan1.- Free updates while subscribed
2.-Free tech support
3.- Cancel any time.
4.- Allows you to connect up to 6 devices to Filmora ( Windows PC, Mac, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet)
4.- Unlimited AI credits
$49.99 USD/yr
See Here
Filmora 13 Quarterly Subscription Plan1.- Free updates while subscribed
2.-Free tech support
3.- Cancel any time.
4.- Unlimited AI credits
$29.99 USD/yr
See Here

What are Artificial Intelligence credits?

Credits are like coins you may use to purchase AI processing and are found in this type of software.

When you use a tool that utilizes advanced AI resources, Filmora deducts a specific number of credits for each task it performs (as shown in the example image below, you can see that starting music creation uses 30 credits).

You may check all the details about AI credits here.

Filmora Perpetual Plan vs Subscription, which one is better?

The subscription plans (such as the annual plan and bundle subscription) advantages are that they included all future versions of Filmora while your subscription is active.

The perpetual plan‘s advantages are that you keep Filmora forever and get all free updates to the software within a version, for example, ver 11.2, 11.3 11.4, etc.

However I got Filmora when version 8 was still available and all updates have been free of charge, so I would stick with the perpetual plan.

Business Plans

Filmora business plans are licenses for brands and business entities, they allow all kinds of commercial videos without attribution required.

Filmora defines Company Use (according to their official website here) as: “any use by a business both internal (i.e. training, presentations, and internal communication) and external (i.e. marketing, promotions, and advertising). This also includes videos that are the product or service being offered (i.e. editing videos for paying clients).

If your videos are made for corporations, other business entities, or brands, then the Filmora business license is more suitable for you.

I have to admit that, in my opinion, this one is too expensive, I think that if you are a business, other video editors (such as Movavi) or even FilmoraPro have better prices when we talk about commercial use of their licenses because they allow a lifetime business plan.

They also offer a volume discount of up to five users with multi-user control features

The following are Filmora’s business license costs:

Business PlanFeaturesPrice
Filmora 13 Business License (1 user)1.- Free updates
2.- Free support
3.- For commercial use
4.-Multi-User Control
Filmora 13 Business License (2 users)1.- Free updates
2.- Free support
3.- For commercial use
4.-Multi-User Control
Filmora 13 Business License (3 users)1.- Free updates
2.- Free support
3.- For commercial use
4.- Volume discount
Filmora 13 Business License (4 users)1.- Free updates
2.- Free support
3.- For commercial use
4.-Multi-User Control
Filmora 13 Business License (5 users)1.- Free updates
2.- Free support
3.- For commercial use
4.-Multi-User Control

Educational plans

Filmora offers discounts for verified students and teachers (through Student Beans), therefore, you first need to sign up to the platform.

The student license is similar to the individual plan, since you may only use the software for non-commercial purposes:

Individual PlanFeaturesPriceOfficial Page
Filmora plans for students and teachers (monthly)1.- All features included
2.- Free Updates
3.- Tech support
$19.99/monthSee here
Filmora plans for students and teachers (annual plan)1.- All features included
2.- Free Updates
3.- Tech support
$40.99/yearSee here
Filmora plans for students and teachers (Perpetual License)1.- All features included
2.- Free Updates
3.- Tech support
$69.99 one-time feeSee here

Filmora’s Free Version

Filmora offers a free version of the software so that you can test it, which includes all of its features and tools, but the exported video will have a watermark in the middle of the view.

The free version has basically the same license conditions as the Individual License and does not offer Tech Support.

Filmora Add-ons prices

When you purchase Filmora, Wondershare offers some add-ons for an extra cost, such as the NewBlue X, Boris FX, and AI Portrait add-ons:

Add-OnDescriptionPricingOfficial Page
Filmstock StandardLibrary of effects, royalty-free video, sound, and music.$9.90/monthSee here
NewBlue FXAdd-on for stylized effects, such as color correction, filters, and professional elements$9.90/monthSee here
Boris FXContinuum effects, such as BCC Lights, BCC Particle, BCC Stylize, BCC Art Looks, and more.$9.90/monthSee here
AI PortraitAn add-on that allows you to remove the background without a green screen, and add borders, segments, and more.$6.99/monthSee here
Full Effects BundleA bundle with Filmstocks standard library, NewBlue FS, Boris FX, and AI portrait.$20.99/monthSee here

Buy Filmora 13 cheaper using a discount coupon or code

There are several alternatives for you to buy Filmora 13 or Filmora Pro with a discount, I managed to get some coupon codes and list them:

  • You may also purchase Filmora through 2checkout, the official payment processor of Wondershare (For Windows/For Mac)
  • You may also purchase some other Filmora plans using a discount coupon here.

Filmstock subscription prices

Filmora offers a subscription for its stock video, images, audio, and effects store. Although it is very new and still feels a little incomplete, you can take advantage of some of its plans:

Filmstock PlanFeaturesPrice
Free1. Unlimited Access to Filmstock’s free library.
2. Royalty-free license.
Standard Plan1. Unlimited Access to Filmstock’s free library.
2. Unlimited downloads of media assets of the Standard library.
3. Royalty-free license.
4. Free technical support


Premium Plan1. Unlimited Access to Filmstock’s free library.
2. Unlimited downloads of media assets of the Standard library.
3. Up to 20 premium assets per month
4. Royalty-free license.
5. Technical support



Ok, now let’s get to the review:

Filmora 13 Review


Intuitive interfaceHeavy for a basic editor
Wide range of effects for a basic editorSome tools are too basic
Supports 4K video editingIt freezes occasionally
It is constantly improvedSometimes you need to download the effects again after upgrading
Extensive documentationToo many paid add-ons
Fair and affordable price

Ease and learning curve.

Many of us don’t like to spend hours with a simple effect or transition when we are editing a simple video like a Vlog, a tutorial, or a class.

Filmora’s strongest point is precisely its simplicity, since, despite the fact that many of its features could be considered professional tools, almost all of them are very intuitive to use, with a very pleasant editing flow.

This contrasts with other editors, which, of course, are much more professional and offer greater control over the effects, but they are overwhelming for a beginner or they make you waste more time because that control means spending more hours on a task that could be done faster on Filmora.

When you open Filmora, as you see in the image, all its sections are very well-defined. They even have the figure of scissors to cut the clip and the icons will tell what they are for.

Filmora interface

In Filmora, you will see four panels: One is for the media, where you can import video, audio, or images as well as record your screen or from your webcam.

The panel at the bottom is the timeline, where you can drag and drop your footage or your audio.

At the bottom is the timeline, which allows you to add up to 100 video tracks and 100 audio tracks. To simplify things, there’s a little red scissors button for cutting the clip, and it also allows you to detach the audio from the video.

There’s also the option of compound clips, where you can merge two or more clips into one. Each compound clip has its own timeline for further edits

At the top right, the controls for anything selected, which is where you can add animation, chroma key, edit the speed, and more options:

In the middle, is the preview, which includes a screenshot button and a preview rendering option for smooth playback.

You may also change the layout to the classic version:

filmora 12 layout

Filmora’s interface is very easy to figure out, almost everything you get out of “common sense”, which is a great advantage if you are a newbie and want a fast result.

With Filmora you can use shortcuts to speed up the workflow; if you are used to another video editor and would like to change the keys for some actions you may do it as well.

You just need to click on File/Shortcuts and you will get an editable list:

filmora's shortcuts

As an example, I made this tutorial for creating a short commercial with Filmora, where I used the chroma key effect, masking, and keyframe animations:


Some functions, such as keyframe animation and motion tracking are still too simple, if you want double motion tracking, for example, you need to look for another software, such as Premiere Pro or Hitfilm.

Effects and tools

List of Filmora’s relevant features

The following is a list of Filmora’s features and I rate them in quality, taking into account that these qualifications are with regard to the software’s market, which is basic video editing software and not professional.

Keyframe animationYes, but limited8.0
Motion trackingYes, but not multitracking9.0
Chroma keyYes9.0
LUTS supportYes9.0
Screen RecorderYes10.0
Webcam recorderYes8.0
Beat detectionYes9.0
Silence detectionYes9.0
Background RemoverYes8.0
Smart CutoutYes8.0
Audio StretcherYes9.0
Color correction toolsYes, but very basic functionalities8.0

Filmora may be a simple editor designed for beginners, but within that niche, it is an editor with many effects and tools that are difficult to find, of course, in a slightly more basic version.

With Filmora you can create green-screen effects, add keyframe animation, use filters, add cinematic LUTS, color correct and color match two or more clips as well as protect the skin of the actor, add custom mask effects, and record your PC screen or webcam.

I will give you a brief description of Filmora’s most popular features so that you know if Filmora fulfills your needs.

Chroma Key.

Filmora has a high-quality chroma key tool. It includes customization of the key color, pen thickness, and intensity, as well as having an alpha channel to check that all green areas have been removed.

filmora chroma key

You only have to position the clip with the color you want to remove on the timeline above the clip that will serve as the background, then choose the chroma key effect, use the eyedropper to indicate the color that you are going to key out and make some small adjustments to the details.

Something I wish Filmora had is a multiple chroma key feature, but I do not think this is a necessity.


This helps to make an effect in which you draw a mask and cut a part of the screen to hide something like the one that appears in the following image:

mask Filmora

As you can see in the image, the upper clip contains the eye video, and the lower clip is where the transition will occur. Just click on “effects” and choose “mask.” You can customize masks freehand, use predefined options, or employ Artificial Intelligence with the brush tool by selecting the object or subject.

Using keyframes, you can modify the mask as the video progresses.

In the following video, I teach how to use keyframe animation with a mask:


These are filters that give your project a “movie” style, look. An example is that you can make filming during the day seem like it was done at night.

This feature includes skin protection, which is very convenient for your subject.

To apply LUTS, you just have to click on the color tool and choose the corresponding option.

Screen Recorder and Webcam

Something I can’t believe is that many professional editors don’t include a screen recorder (yes, I’m talking to you Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere), but luckily, Filmora does.

You can activate it by clicking the option that says “record”, and inside the multimedia panel the following interface will show:

Filmora’s screen recorder is not the most sophisticated, other screen recorders, such as Movavi’s can be more versatile and offer better visuals, but this one is a good option for tutorials or gameplays, for example.

Keyframe animation

Filmora 13 includes keyframe editing for layers, filters, graphics, color controls, chroma key, audio, and masks. This provides precise control over object animation.

When selecting an object and clicking on transformation or animation options, a tab with keyframes opens up, offering linear, curved, continuous, etc., keyframe options. This gives you control over how smooth or sudden you want the animation to be.

With this tool, I created the following infinite loop effect, with a ball passing through a laptop screen.

You can get up to 10 updates a year of this customized animation feature with the annual plans and only one with the perpetual license.

Motion Tracking

Filmora has motion tracking, as its name implies, it allows you to follow the movement of objects selected by you, so you can add objects that move with the thing that is moving.

To do this, just click on the motion tracking button and choose the object to be tracked, make sure it is different from the background (so that Filmora does not confuse it), and that it is always in frame.

As an example, in the following video, I show you how I track a person’s face with Filmora.

Filmora includes other features, but these are the ones I like the most.


I feel like motion tracking is still way too limited, and sometimes it needs to be more precise, but this is a new feature for Filmora, I hope the Wondershare developers will improve it with time.

Speed Ramping

Speed ramping filmora

Speed ramping allows you to gradually increase or decrease the speed of a video clip, you may find this option by clicking on the video clip and then the “speed” tab, choosing the option of speed ramping.

Audio synchronization

audio sync Filmora

Since the best practice is to record the audio separately from the video, it is important to synchronize these two. Filmora allows you to do that by selecting the audio track and video track, then clicking on the audio synchronize icon.

This way, Filmora will match both audios so that the one you recorded with your microphone gets synchronized.

Filmora AI Tools

AI Portrait

AI Portrait allows you to separate the human being in the video and add effects, for example, in the following video I show you how by adding the effect I can remove the background from a human being without the chroma key:

This feature is nice, but I would say that it lacks some precision when there are sudden movements, in which case, it is better to use the next tool.

Smart Cutout

With the smart cutout tool, Filmora allows you to trace an object or a person and remove the background, you only need to select the clip, turn on the tool and a new window will open where you can just trace, even imperfectly, the object and Filmora will detect its borders.

Check the following video to see how it works:

As you can see in the video, the Smart Cutout is not that precise, nevertheless, it includes a pen and eraser to refine the details.

In the following video, I created a special effect using this tool, and you will be able to see how to use it properly:

AI Copywriting

Now, from version 12.1.8 Filmora includes an option of Artificial Intelligence similar to ChatGPT, to which you can give orders and ask for suggestions of titles for your video, small scripts, etc.

When you start the program, click on the AI Copywriting button and the following window will appear:



It is still in the Beta version and sometimes the application does not understand the commands accurately. It is also important to be as clear and precise with it, avoiding ambiguity or confusing wording.

AI Image

You can also create images with AI using the Filmora option found in the Media area.

You write the description of the image and it will generate one automatically, as shown in the following picture:

AI image filmora


It is noticeable that this tool lacks a lot to be effective, you have to be extremely precise in the description and even so, I struggled to get good images.

It’s not a bad tool, but it’s a long way from being accurate in generating images.

Thumbnail Generator with AI

Thumbnail generation with AI FIlmora

Filmora 13 includes a Thumbnail (miniature) generator function for YouTube and other social media using Artificial Intelligence. When exporting the video, click on “edit Thumbnail,” and the software will scan your video, suggesting images for the thumbnail. You can then add text and graphics or use predefined templates to finish it.


It works well for simple thumbnails, but if your thumbnails require a lot of editing, you may encounter difficulties compared to a dedicated image editor.

Vocal Remover with AI

A great tool in Filmora 13 is the Vocal Removal tool. Choose a video or audio, right-click, and select the option to remove the voice. Filmora creates two new files, one with only background sounds and another with only the voice, useful for creating karaoke and eliminating unwanted noise.

This is how I removed the voice of the following video and created the to media files:


Removing the voice may accentuate Vocal Bleed (residual sound), so this tool could be improved.

AI Music Generator

Filmora also features an original music generator using AI for your videos. Go to the Audio tab and click on “Music Generator” to choose the type of music, duration, theme, and speed.

In the following video, I show you some music songs generated by Filmora’s AI tool.


Unfortunately, this tool operates on a credit system, requiring payment to purchase credits for using the music. It also lacks variety in options such as tonality or metrics.

AI Text Clipper (Silence Detector)

AI text clipper

Filmora provides a tool that automatically detects audio levels and dialogue in the video. It creates subtitles and divides clips based on silences, allowing you to eliminate parts without a script, modify clips with animation, or edit subtitles.


The transcriptions lack some accuracy and the trims is not perfect, you will have to tweak it a little bit.

AI Text-based Video Generation

Text to video Filmora IA

Filmora 13 includes a tool for you to input your text, and after analyzing it, the software will choose various copyright-free clips and images, in addition to adding voice and subtitles.

On the main screen, you just have to select the Text-to-Video option and enter your script.


It’s not very accurate; sometimes, it selects random footage that doesnt’t have much to do with the script, perhaps based on a single word, thinking that it’s the best option. You’ll have to make several modifications to the video in the end.

Another point is that acquiring credits is necessary if you have the perpetual version. In the case of subscription versions, credits are unlimited.

Filmora Copilot

If you feel lost or want to improve your video, Filmora has a small AI Bot called Filmora Copilot. You can ask it how to use the program or if it has effects or ways to use specific tools.


I thought this Chatbot had the ability to add some effects to the video, but it seems to be only an assistant, as I haven’t been able to make any modifications with it.

Avatar Presentation using AI

Filmora avatar presentation animator

Since version 12.4.1 Filmora incorporated a motion-tracking animator for presentations, similar to Adobe Character Animator, which captures your movements and using AI automatically animates the character as you can see in the following video:

This tool allows you to change your background, track your full body, ad a teleprompter, and import your own 3D or 2D models in VRM format.


It still needs to improve the speed and accuracy of the movements but it’s still in the Beta version, so, let’s hope it gets better.

Speech-To-Text / Text-To-Speech

It is increasingly necessary to add subtitles to your videos, especially because 90% of videos on Social Media are watched with no sound.

The Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech feature on Filmora is a great tool because it allows you to detect the words and convert them into a subtitle as well as add the voice to your text.

For the first tool, you just need to select the clip or the track and click on the icon, select the language of the audio that you wish to transcribe and that’s it, just as I show you in the following video:

This tool, of course, isn’t perfect, there will be mistakes that you can correct easily just by selecting the piece of text, as you can see in the following picture:

For the Speech-To-Text tool, you just need to write a Title or Subtitle and select the icon, as well as the language and type of voice you wish.

You may even import a .srt file to add subtitles.

The downside is that this is not a free feature, you pay for the number of words and it is something that you may get for free with other free apps.

Text-To-Speech Pricing

Filmore offers a trial period of up to 5000 words for the Text-To-Speech features, but if you need more it is necessary to buy a subscription, which has the following prices:

Additional charactersPricingPage
100,000$3.99/monthSee here
200,000$6.99/monthSee here

Speech-To-Text pricing

The trial period of the Speech-To-Text feature consists of 30 minutes of STT, but if you need additional time, the following are its prices:

Additional timePricingPage
1 hour$4.99/monthSee here
5 hours$19.99/monthSee here
10 hours$29.99/monthSee here


Since the update to Filmora 11, the software now supports certain Boris FX, AI Portrait, and NewBlue FX effects, which are already well-known and are added as paid add-ons either in bundles or individually.

Boris FX

Boris FX, allows you to add particles, such as snow, rain, lights, bubbles, image restoration, etc. All of these effects are default in Filmora with some degree of customization:

Boris FX Filmora

NewBlue FX

With NewBlue FX you can simplify complex tasks, this includes stylizing videos, adding various elements, complex filters, etc.

Newblue FX filmora

The subscription to these add-ons is a bit expensive in my opinion.

It is worth the price if you are going to use them constantly, otherwise, I recommend you better buy the monthly subscription, use them as much as you can, even in advance of a video that you will make at another time, and not renew the service.


Filmora is compatible with 64-bits Windows 7 or higher as well as Mac 10.3 or higher, it requires at least an Inteli3 processor of 2 GHz or higher and for 4k editing, you would need a sixth-generation Intel, and 4GB of RAM is preferable.

However, something I like about Filmora is that if you have a PC with more basic specifications, you can continue using it and with some techniques as well as tools from this software, avoid too much lagging.

This is because Filmora has a CPU accelerator, you can choose an option to make proxies and access them more quickly, in addition, you may pre-render your timeline to avoid freezing in the preview.

Filmora can handle the following formats:

For Video and images: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF, PNG, JPEG.

For Audio: MP3, M4A, .WAV, .WMA, .OGG, .FLAC, .AIF, .AIFF, which are the most common.


Having said that, I admit that Filmora, even when used on computers with the technical requirements, can have moments of lagging or episodes in which it is slow to respond.


Something I like is that Filmora is being used more and more, and new tutorials are coming out with tricks and effects.

Also, the same company Wondershare has its YouTube channel where they regularly answer questions.

On my YouTube channel, I have some tutorials for Filmora, however, I have not updated them due to work, but I will be uploading videos very soon with effects that I want to show you.

In the meantime, here is one of my tutorials, where I show how to create this transition effect through an eye:


The guide (link to the guide) that comes by default in Filmora feels a bit incomplete; this doesn’t bother me that much because the program is easy to learn, but if you have a question, it is confusing sometimes.

Useful tools to complement Filmora

Once you have the Filmora video editor, there will be times when you will need to add effects that will require you to use complementary software, be it to record audio, download sound effects, edit photos to create the mask shape, etc.

The following tools are the ones I use together with Filmora when working on a project:

  1. Audacity to record and edit the audio that you will import into Filmora. (free software)
  2. Videvo to search for music and sound effects in your videos. (free and paid options)
  3. Blender, to create visual effects, 3D models that you can import into Filmora (free)
  4. Shutterstock to find images and stock video to add to your project (paid)

What is the difference between Filmora 13 and FilmoraPro?

Maybe you have heard about FilmoraPro at some point and it causes you confusion. In the future I will do a review as well but for now I will leave you with this.

FilmoraPro is a video editor from the same company, Wondershare (creators of Filmora), with tools designed for enthusiasts and professionals, and thus, it includes advanced features, although its learning curve is much steeper.

FilmoraPro is not an update of Filmora, they are different programs but commercially have similar names.

Updated: Filmorapro is no longer available for purchase, if you already have a license, you may use it for life without interruptions.

Conclusion, Is Filmora for you?

Filmora is a great video editor, although it is not for all needs. In this review, I presented what I consider to be the most important features, but finally, I would say that Filmora is suitable for you if:

  • You are a beginner in editing and are looking for a program that is easy to learn and has a good amount of tools and effects for simple videos.
  • You are an expert but you need something that does the job for you in half the time of more complex editors, although in a more basic way.
  • Your budget is limited and you require a low-cost program with a screen recorder and a good number of editing tools.

Filmora is not for you if you need very advanced tools, for that you can get more professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere, or even Filmorapro (which I will review soon)

Another alternative to Filmora 13 is Movavi Video Editor Plus (my full review), which has similar features at a lower price (it does not include motion tracking though) but you could give it a try.

You can download Filmora on the following link and install the trial version to see how you feel about the software:


Does Filmora need internet?

Filmora does not need the internet to install, work with it, or export your video unless you want to export it directly to youtube or other online platforms

Is there a lifetime business license for Filmora?

Filmora only has monthly business licenses, lifetime plans for commercial use are not available.

Why is Filmora so expensive?

Filmora is a pricey product within its niche, which is a video editing software for beginners because even though it was developed for basic editing, it includes tools that you only found in more advanced software, such as motion tracking, of course, in a simpler version.

Is Filmora good for Youtube videos?

Filmora is a great video editing software for Youtube videos, because it is simple, gets the job done fast, its license allows you to publish your work, and the software includes all necessary tools. The exception would be if you want to create complex videos that need more versatile effects, for example, 3D animation.

How much is Filmora in the UK?

The cost of Filmora in the UK is about £50.12 for the personal perpetual plan (with some discounts in this link) and the most affordable plan is about £28.64 for the annual license.

When will Filmora 14 be released?

Filmora 14 will be released by the end of 2024

Does Filmora offer a monthly subscription?

Filmora does not have a monthly subscription, but it has a quarterly subscription on the Spanish website (although the license works the same for your version in English), It costs $13.99/quarterly and you can get it at these links: (For Windows/ For Mac)

What are Filmora Business Plans?

In terms of functionality, the business plan offers the same features, adding multi-user control.

In terms of the license, the Business plan allows you to use Filmora for commercial purposes, such as corporate videos, without attribution required.

Was the Lifetime License of Filmora cancelled?

Filmora officially ended the lifetime license when they launched Filmora X and created a Perpetual Plan.

The difference is that those who bought the Filmora9 lifetime license or any previous version enjoy free upgrades for life; those who purchased Filmora X Perpetual Plan or any subsequent version can use it forever and its updates but need to pay an additional fee to upgrade to a new version.

Filmora and Wondershare Specifications

FeaturesUser-friendly interface, auto ducking / audio sync / easy mode / webcam and screen recorder / access to third-party stock video and image.
Types of licensesCommercial, individual, and educational licenses.
Supported languagesSpanish, Arab, Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Indi.
Tech Support PageTech Support
Filmora DeveloperWondershare Technology Co., Ltd
Address10th floor, 5D, Shenzhen Software Industrial Base, Haitian 2nd Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R.China 518057.
Filmora License AgreementSee Filmora License Agreement

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