How much is Filmora? (+discounts and review)

In this article, I’ll talk about the Filmora license (the last upgrade is Filmora X), its price, how to get it with a discount and review the software with pros and cons.

I got Filmora when version 8 was still available, which at that time, seemed to be a fairly decent editor, but it has evolved a lot, adding new features and improvements which I will tell you about.

UPDATE (Jan 2022): Wondershare will launch FIlmora 11 soon, you may download the Beta version here, of course, this now will have some bugs because it is just for testing, make sure to save all your projects and you can come back to the previous version anytime you want. This review will reflect those changes as well.


Filmora license price

Something weird about Filmora is that they change their prices constantly (around once a month) as if they were testing them, and their English version price differs from their prices in other languages, but all of them will work for your English version anyway.

I actually purchased the Spanish version (cause it is cheaper), and use it in my English version.

In short, Filmora costs $79.99 for the personal perpetual plan, $49.99 for the annual plan, and $155.88 per year for the business license. Every plan includes all Filmora’s features and free tech support, but the Effects library is included only in the business license while the rest require a subscription.

It does not matter what Filmora license you choose to buy; it comes with all its features, including the screen recorder, but there are two things you have to take into account.

All personal licenses allow you to make YouTube or personal videos (such as weddings, trips, etc.) but you will require a business license for commercial videos (such as advertisements, or corporate videos). The student licenses allow you to create educational videos for teachers and alumns.

PlanFeaturesPriceOfficial Page
Filmora free version1.-No limited time.
2.- It has a watermark.
$0.00See page
Filmora X Perpetual Plan (Personal)1.- Filmora lifetime plan is a one payment perpetual license.
2.- Free updates for Filmora X (updated: Including Filmora 11).
3.- No watermark.
4.- Free tech support.
$79.99 USDDiscount for Windows
Expires: Jan 31/22

Discount for Mac.
Expires: Jan 31/22
Filmora X Yearly Subscription Plan1.- Free updates for as long as you are subscribed
2.- No watermark
3.-Free tech support
4.- Cancel any time.
$61.99 USD/yr (Windows)
See page
Filmora Bundle Subscription Plan
1.- Free updates for as long as you are subscribed
2.-No watermark
3.-Free updates
4.- Free tech support
5.-Free access to the Filmstock standard library for 1 month.
$111.99 USDSee discount
Filmora X Business License1.- Free updates
2.- No watermark
3.- Free support
4.- For commercial use
5.-Multi-User Control
6.- Volume discount
$155.88 USD/yr per user (with volume discounts)See page
FilmoraPro, perpetual plan1.- Free updates
2.- All features included
3.- Free tech support
4.- Includes commercial use
$199.99 USD
($149.99 USD)
See here
FilmoraPro, yearly plan1.- Free updates
2.- All features included
3.- Free tech support
4.- Includes commercial use
$119.99 USD ($89.99 USD)See here
Filmora plans for students and teachers1.- All features included
2.- Free Updates
3.- Tech support


$69.99 one-time fee
See here

Can I buy Filmora using a discount coupon or code?

There are several alternatives for you to buy Filmora X or Filmora Pro with a discount, I managed to get some coupon codes and list them:

  • You can get a lifetime Filmora license discount at the following links (For Windows/For Mac)
  • You may also get a FilmoraPro deal with a 30% discount here (For Windows/For Mac)
  • You may also purchase some other filmora plans using a discount coupon here.

Filmstock subscription prices

Filmora offers a subscription for its stock video, images, audio, and effects store. Although it is very new and still feels a little incomplete, you can take advantage of some of its plans:

Filmstock PlanFeaturesPrice
Free1. Unlimited Access to Filmstock’s free library.
2. Royalty-free license.
Standard Plan1. Unlimited Access to Filmstock’s free library.
2. Unlimited downloads of media assets of the Standard library.
3. Royalty-free license.
4. Free technical support


Premium Plan1. Unlimited Access to Filmstock’s free library.
2. Unlimited downloads of media assets of the Standard library.
3. Up to 20 premium assets per month
4. Royalty-free license.
5. Technical support



Ok, now let’s get to the review:


Intuitive interfaceHeavy for a basic editor
Wide range of effects for a basic editorSome tools are too basic
Supports 4K video editingIt freezes occasionally
It is constantly improvedSometimes you need to download the effects again after upgrading
Extensive documentation
Faire and affordable price

Ease and learning curve.

When I started using Filmora, I noticed that its learning curve is its strongest point, as it is precisely designed for someone who does not have previous editing knowledge but wants to obtain a professional result.

When you open Filmora, as you see in the image, all its sections are very well defined. They even have the figure of scissors to cut the clip and the icons will tell what they are for.

In Filmora, you will see three panels: One is for the media, where you can import video, audio, or images as well as record your screen or from your webcam.

The panel at the bottom is the timeline, where you can drag and drop your footage or your audio.

At the top right, the preview, which includes a screenshot button and a preview rendering option for smooth playback.

Filmora’s interface is very easy to figure out, almost everything you get out of “common sense”, which is a great advantage if you are a newbie and want a fast result.

With Filmora you can use shortcuts to speed up the workflow; if you are used to another video editor and would like to change the keys for some actions you may do it as well.

You just need to click on File/Shortcuts and you will get an editable list:


Some functions, such as keyframe animation and motion tracking are still too simple, if you want double motion tracking, for example, you need to look for another software.

Effects and tools

List of Filmora’s relevant features

Keyword animationYes, but limited
Motion trackingYes, but not multitracking
MaskingYes, using static shapes
Chroma keyYes
LUTS supportYes
Screen recorderYes
Webcam recorderYes
Beat detectionYes
Silence detectionYes
Color correction toolsYes, but very basic functionalities

Filmora may be a simple editor designed for beginners, but within that niche, it is an editor with many effects and tools that are difficult to find, of course, in a slightly more basic version.

With Filmora you can create green-screen effects, add keyframe animation, use filters, add cinematic LUTS, color correct and color match two or more clips, add custom mask effects, and record your PC screen or webcam.

I will give you a brief description of Filmora’s most popular features so that you know if Filmora fulfills your needs.

Chroma Key.

Filmora has a high-quality chroma key tool. It includes customization of the key color, pen thickness, and intensity, as well as having an alpha channel to check that all green areas have been removed.

Filmora green screen

You only have to position the clip with the color you want to remove on the timeline above the clip that will serve as the background, then choose the chroma key effect, use the eyedropper to indicate the color that you are going to key out, and make some small adjustments to the details.


This helps to make an effect in which you cut a part of the screen to hide something like the one that appears in the following image:

Filmora masking

As you can see in the image, in the clip below is the video of the eye and in the upper track is the container, all you need is to click on “effects” and choose “mask”, you have the option of customizing and importing them into Filmora so they have the shape you need.

Filmora does not have a rotoscope feature, all masks are predesigned, but you may animate them with keyframes and create a custom one.

In the following video, I teach how to use keyframe animation to walk through the wall:


These are filters that give your project a “movie” style, look. An example is that you can make filming during the day seem like it was done at night.

To apply LUTS, you just have to click on the color tool and choose the corresponding option.

Screen Recorder and Webcam

Something I can’t believe is that many professional editors don’t include a screen recorder (yes, I’m talking to you Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere), but luckily, Filmora does.

You can activate it by clicking the option that says “record”, and inside the multimedia panel the following interface will show:

Keyframe animation

Filmora X includes editing using Keyframes, giving you a lot of control over object animation.

Just choose the “animation effect” option, and it will automatically create a new keyframe (which marks the beginning of the animation), then, make sure to put the last keyframe (which marks the end). From that, you may add keyframes in between.

With this tool, I created the following infinite loop effect, with a ball passing through a laptop screen.

Motion Tracking

Filmora X has motion tracking, as its name implies, it allows you to follow the movement of objects selected by you, so you can add objects that move with the thing that is moving.

To do this, just click on the motion tracking button and choose the object to be tracked, make sure it is different from the background (so that Filmora does not confuse it), and that it is always in frame.

As an example, in the following video, I show you how I track a boat as it moves using this Filmora tool.

Now, you can see that I add an object that follows the ship I tracked:

Filmora includes other features, but these are the ones I like the most.


I feel like motion tracking is still way too limited, and sometimes it needs to be more precise, but this is a new feature for Filmora, I hope the Wondershare developers will improve it with time.

Speed Ramping

Speed ramping filmora

Speed ramping allows you to gradually increase or decrease the speed of a video clip, you may find this option by clicking on the video clip and then the “speed” tab, choosing the option of speed ramping.

Audio synchronization

Audio synchronization Filmora

Since the best practice is to record the audio separately from the video, it is important to synchronize these two. Filmora allows you to do that by selecting the audio track and video track, then clicking on the audio synchronize icon.

This way, Filmora will match both audios so that the one you recorded with your microphone gets synchronized.


Filmora is compatible with 64-bits Windows 7 or higher as well as Mac 10.3 or higher, it requires at least an Inteli3 processor of 2 GHz or higher and for 4k editing, you would need a sixth-generation Intel, and 4GB of RAM is preferable.

However, something I like about Filmora is that if you have a PC with more basic specifications, you can continue using it and with some techniques as well as tools from this software, avoid so many laggings.

This is because Filmora has a CPU accelerator, you can choose an option to make proxies and access them more quickly, in addition, you may pre-render your timeline to avoid freezing in the preview.

Filmora X can handle the following formats:

For Video and images: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF, PNG, JPEG.

For Audio: MP3, M4A, .WAV, .WMA, .OGG, .FLAC, .AIF, .AIFF, which are the most common.


Having said that, I admit that Filmora, even when used on computers with the technical requirements, can have moments of lagging or episodes in which it is slow to respond.


Something I like is that Filmora is being used more and more, and new tutorials are coming out with tricks and effects.

Also, the same company Wondershare has its YouTube channel where they regularly answer questions.

On my YouTube channel, I have some tutorials for Filmora, however, I have not updated them due to work, but I will be uploading videos very soon with effects that I want to show you.

In the meantime, here is one of my tutorials, where I show how to create this transition effect through an eye:


The guide (link to the guide) that comes by default in Filmora feels a bit incomplete; this doesn’t bother me that much because the program is easy to learn, but if you have a question, it is confusing sometimes.

Useful tools to complement Filmora

Once you have the Filmora video editor, there will be times when you will need to add effects that will require you to use complementary software, be it to record audio, download sound effects, edit photos to create the mask shape etc.

The following tools are the ones I use together with Filmora when working on a project:

  1. Audacity to record and edit the audio that you will import into Filmora. (free software)
  2. Videvo to search for music and sound effects in your videos. (free and paid options)
  3. Blender, to create visual effects, 3D models that you can import into Filmora (free)
  4. Shutterstock to find images and stock video to add to your project (paid)

What is the difference between Filmora X and FilmoraPro?

Maybe you have heard about FilmoraPro at some point and it causes you confusion. In the future I will do a review as well but for now I will leave you with this.

FilmoraPro is a video editor from the same company, Wondershare (creators of Filmora X), with tools designed for enthusiasts and professionals, and thus, it includes advanced features, although its learning curve is much steeper.

FilmoraPro is not an update of Filmora, they are different programs but commercially have similar names.

Conclusion, Is Filmora for you?

Filmora is a great video editor, although it is not for all needs. In this review, I presented what I consider to be the most important features, but finally, I would say that Filmora is suitable for you if:

  • You are a beginner in editing and are looking for a program that is easy to learn and has a good amount of tools and effects for simple videos.
  • You are an expert but you need something that does the job for you in half the time of more complex editors, although in a more basic way.
  • Your budget is limited and you require a low-cost program with a screen recorder and a good number of editing tools.

Filmora is not for you if you need very advanced tools, for that you can get more professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere, or even Filmorapro (which I will review soon)

Another alternative to Filmora X is Movavi Video Editor Plus (my full review), which has similar features at a lower price (it does not include motion tracking though) but you could give it a try.

You can download Filmora on the following link and install the trial version to see how you feel about the software:


Does Filmora need internet?

Filmora does not need the internet to install, work with it, or export your video unless you want to export it directly to youtube or other online platforms.

Is there a lifetime business license for Filmora?

Filmora only has monthly business licenses, lifetime plans for commercial use are not available.

Why is Filmora so expensive?

Filmora is a pricey product within its niche, which is a video editing software for beginners because even though it was developed for basic editing, it includes tools that you only found in more advanced software, such as motion tracking, of course, in a simpler version.

Is Filmora good for Youtube videos?

Filmora is a great video editing software for Youtube videos, because it is simple, gets the job done fast, its license allows you to publish your work, and the software includes all necessary tools. The exception would be if you want to create complex videos that need more versatile effects, for example, 3D animation.

How much is Filmora in the UK?

The cost of Filmora in the UK is about £50.12 for the personal perpetual plan (with some discounts in this link) and the most affordable plan is about £28.64 for the annual license.

When will Filmora 11 be released?

It is still uncertain, I asked some Filmora’c collaborators, and apparently, it will go live in January 2022, the beta version is available here.

Does Filmora offer a monthly subscription?

Filmora does not have a monthly subscription, but it has a quarterly subscription on the Spanish website (although the license works the same for your version in English), It costs $13.99/quarterly and you can get it at these links: (For Windows/ For Mac)

What are Filmora Business Plans?

In terms of functionality, the business plan offers the same features, adding multi-user control.

In terms of the license, the Business plan allows you to use Filmora for commercial purposes, such as corporate videos, without attribution required.